Certified, Pre-Owned Devices

Affinity4 Wireless offers a great value on certified, pre-owned devices. These devices offer the same features as a new phone but at a much lower cost.

Certified pre-owned devices include:
  • Carrier returns, with very little usage, inspected and “refreshed” to their original condition. Majority of Affinity4 certified, pre-owned devices fall into this category.
  • Refurbished devices have also been inspected and if necessary remanufactured according to the original manufacturer specifications. Refurbished devices have been damaged or found defective and repaired to a “like new” condition.

Pre-owned Devices FAQs:

Are pre-owned devices tested to ensure they are functioning properly?
Yes. Pre-owned devices are inspected and tested by Affinity4 Wireless to ensure that the device is properly functioning.

What is the return policy for a pre-owned device?
The return policy is the same policy that applies to new phones – 10 days from the date you receive your phone.

Do pre-owned devices come with a warranty?
Yes. Pre-owned devices come with a limited one year warranty.