Hearing Aid Compatible Phones

Affinity4 has included in its wireless phone line-up handsets that meet or exceed the ANSI (American National Standards Institute) hearing aid compatibility standard. We offer HAC-compliant handsets and devices in all major functionality levels and price categories, including Basic, low cost feature phones; Intermediate, Low-end Smartphones; and Advanced, Medium to High-end Smartphones. Costs generally correlate with the number of features, but, if through experience, Affinity4 finds that a certain handset contains features that work well with hearing aids, such as volume control, it will be labeled accordingly. Affinity4’s staff is trained to assist all existing and prospective customers looking for a HAC-compliant device/handset. HAC-compatible handsets and devices vary in their inherent “levels of functionality,” but typically at least one (1) HAC-compliant handset/device with features and services typical of its functionality level can be found that meets each customer’s needs.


Hearing aids do not always function well with wireless handsets. Hearing aids operate by using a microphone to pick up sound waves, converting the sound waves into electrical signals to be amplified. Distortion or amplification of unwanted sound (noise) often occurs.

The FCC’s hearing aid compatibility requirements address hearing aids that operate in either of two modes – acoustic coupling (“M” rating) or inductive coupling (“T” rating). Hearing aids operating in acoustic coupling mode receive through a microphone and then amplify all sounds surrounding the user, including both desired sounds, such as a telephone’s audio signal, and unwanted ambient noise. Hearing aids operating in inductive coupling mode turn off the microphone to avoid amplifying unwanted ambient noise, instead using a telecoil to receive only audio signal-based magnetic fields generated by inductive coupling-capable telephones. The FCC’s “M” and “T” ratings indicate whether a handset can be expected to function well with a hearing aid and are generally marked clearly on the handset packaging. The “M” or “T” rating does not guarantee that the handset will function without distortion or noise. Please contact Affinity4 Wireless Customer Service at 1-800-800-7550 with any questions or concerns regarding your handset.

M-Ratings - Microphone Standard: Reduced Hearing Aid Device Interference
  • M3 rating indicates the phone has met the ANSI standard;
  • M4 rating indicates the phone has exceeded the ANSI standard.

T-Ratings - Telecoil Standard: Compatible with Hearing Aids with Telecoils
  • T3 rating indicates the phone has met the ANSI standard;
  • T4 rating indicates the phone has exceeded the ANSI standard.

A list of Affinity4 devices and their ratings is shown below.

HAC ratings are also available under each phone description.

Device Manufacturer Model # FCC ID M Rating T Rating Functionality Level
Apple iPhone 6 Apple A1549 BCG-E2816A M3 T4 Advanced
Apple iPhone 6S Apple A1688 BCG-E2946A M3 T4 Advanced
Apple iPhone 8 Apple A1864 BCG-E3159A M3 T4 Advanced
Kyocera Cadence Kyocera S2720 V65S2720 M4 T4 Basic
LG VN220 Exalt LG VN220 ZNFVN220 M3 T4 Basic
Nuu (F4L) Nuu S2801L 2ADINS2801l M4 T4 Basic
Samsung Galaxy A102 - 10E Samsung SMA102UZKVZ A3LSMA102U M3 T3 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy A11 Samsung SM-A115 ZCASMA115A M4 T3 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy A20 Samsung SMA205UZKVZ A3LSMA205U M3 T3 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy A21 Samsung SM-A215 ZCASMA215U M3 T4 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung J337 A3LSMJ337A M3 T3 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy J7 Samsung J737 A3LSMJ737A M3 T3 Advanced
ZTE Cymbal ZTE Z320 SRQ-Z320 M4 T4 Basic
Apple iPhone 5S Apple A1533 BCG-E2642a M3 T4 Intermediate
Apple iPhone SE Apple A1662 BCG-E3042A M3 T4 Advanced
Apple iPhone 7 Apple A1660 BCG-E3091A M3 T4 Advanced
Huawei Ascend Y300 Huawei M881 QISM881 M4 T3 Intermediate
Huawei M866 Ascend Y Huawei M866 QISM866 M4 T3 Intermediate
Kyocera Hydro Edge Kyocera C5215 V65C5215 M4 T4 Advanced
Kyocera Rise Kyocera C5155 V65C5155 M4 T4 Intermediate
LG Cosmos 3 VN251S LG VN251S BEJVN251 M4 T4 Basic
LG VS890 Enact LG VS890 ZNFVS890 M4 T4 Intermediate
LG VS980 G2 LG VS980 ZNFVS980 M4 T4 Advanced
LG VS870 Lucid 2 LG VS870 ZNFVS870 M4 T3 Intermediate
LG VS876 Lucid 3 LG VS876 ZNFVS876 M4 T3 Intermediate
Motorola Moto E4 Motorola XT1768 IHDT56WC2 M3 T3 Intermediate
Samsung Freeform 4 Samsung R390 A3LSCHR390 M4 T4 Basic
Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Samsung G360 A3LSMG360P M3 T4 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung J320 A3LSMJ320A M3 T4 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung L710 A3LSPHL710 M4 Intermediate
Samsung Galaxy S4 Samsung I545L A3LSCHI545 M3 T3 Advanced
Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung G900 A3LSMG900V M3 T3 Advanced
Samsung Galaxy S6 Samsung G920 A3LSMG990V M4 T3 Advanced
Samsung Gusto 2 Samsung Gusto2 A3LSCHU365 M4 T4 Basic
Samsung Gusto 3 Samsung Gusto3 A3LSCHU365 M4 T4 Basic
Unimax MXC450 Unimax MXC450 P46-C5610 M3 T4 Basic

These handsets have been tested and rated for use with hearing aids for some of the wireless technologies that they use. However, there may be some newer wireless technologies used in these phones that have not been tested yet for use with hearing aids. It is important to try the different features of these phones thoroughly and in different locations, using your hearing aid or cochlear implant, to determine if you hear any interfering noise. Contact Affinity4 or the manufacturer of the handset for information on hearing aid compatibility. If you have questions about return or exchange policies, please contact Affinity4 Customer Service at 1-800-800-7550, option 1.

For more details on Hearing Aid Compatibility and non-Hearing Aid Compatibility devices, visit www.gari.info.

For additional information on Hearing Aid Compatibility for wireless phones visit https://www.fcc.gov/hearing-aid-compatibility-wireless-telephones